Create a Flashy Look with the Storm Gloves and Desert King Reliquary

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on 17th July, 2018

    Storm Gloves


    Conjure the magic of a summer storm with these gloves. Thanks to shocking advancements in aeromancy, they’re perfectly safe to wear while swimming, handling sensitive magitechnical equipment, petting cats, and touching doorknobs.

    Desert King Backpack and Glider Combo


    Make a royal entrance with this gilded reliquary that unfolds into an impressive set of wings when used as a glider. Bonus: Joko can’t claim to have worn it better.

    What’s in Stock


    Returning Today:

    • Branded Mounts Pack

    Returning This Week:

    • Outlaw Appearance Pack
    • White Mantle Appearance Pack
    • Bandit Sniper Appearance Pack
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