The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of 14 January

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on 11th January, 2019

We’ve partnered up with players to showcase their creative Guild Wars 2-inspired content on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. Read on for this week’s scheduled programming!

Streams for the Week of 14 January

Wednesday, 16 January


The Guild Wars 2 Art Show (by Gears2Gnomes)(English)
8:00 p.m. UTC (noon Pacific Time)
Gears is back with a brand new episode of the Guild Wars 2 Art Show. You can also find all the previously created artworks on the Guild Wars 2 Art Show Flickr Album.

Thursday, 17 January


ArenaNet Livestream: Let’s Play Guild Wars 2 World vs World (English)
10:30 p.m. UTC (2:30 p.m. Pacific Time)
Join the World vs. World development team in the Mists for their weekly stream.

If you need help converting times into your own time zone, you can use this tool. Thanks for watching!