Chairs and Cathedra

snaff - Mysterious gold with black accents. This solid, supportive piece will make an impressive addition to any lab.
hiffa - Stone grey. Compact but outspoken, with levitation technology for comfort and convenience.
fidus - Salvaged metal. Pair with MARDINE cowskin throw for comfort. Rugged and dignified, with ergonomic back support designed by Charr, for Charr.
bonfazz - Scrap iron. MARDINE cowskin throw sold separately. So cozy, you might be afraid someone will steal it; so intimidating that they’ll never try.
grast - Weathered oak and genuine Ascalonian leather. The classic design you’ve heard about over and over is back! A perfect companion to KHOLER bar tables.
nenah - Gold-accented mebahya wood. With its gently sloped back and high armrests, this beautiful chair is just the spot to lose yourself in a good book.
peejj - Seasoned wood. A hand-finished wooden bench your whole guild will love. Part of our FION hall customization system.
jora - Quarried stone with precious metal inlays. A dignified and beautiful design that will stand the test of time.
rodj - Cypress with antique iron moulding. This attractive bench will make it through your holiday alemoot without being destroyed.