Head Off to the Races with the Distant Lands Mount Skin Collection

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on November 27, 2018

    Distant Lands Mount Skin Collection


    We’ve got fifteen new mount skins for aspiring roller beetle jockeys—and anyone with a serious eye for mount fashion. This collection is available exclusively through Distant Lands licenses.

    Distant Lands Mount Select License
    Has the Krytan Lop hopped away with your heart? Does the Luminous Prowler have you all aglow? Use this license to choose any one skin from the Distant Lands collection and unlock it right away.

    Distant Lands Mount Adoption License
    If you don’t want to play favorites, this license will unlock a mount skin from the collection at random. You’re always guaranteed to get a skin, and you’ll never receive a duplicate.

    “Long Live the Lich” for Free

    You can rent a roller beetle at the racetrack, but why not raise one of your very own? To celebrate the roller beetle racing grand opening, the Living World episode “Long Live the Lich” is free to unlock for a limited time. Play through the episode to get your roller beetle!

    What’s in Stock


    Our autumn outfit lineup is leaving the shelves this week, and some seasonal favorites are returning.

    Returning Today

    • Enchanted Dragon Crown Package
    • Tremor Armadillo Roller Beetle Skin

    Returning This Week

    • Elite Reinforcements Package
  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

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