Conquer Air and Sea with the Cube Matrix Glider and Pirate Captain’s Chair

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on 10th September, 2019

    Cube Matrix Glider


    Whirling cubes trace electromagical geometries in the air to deliver you to the ground at optimal, non-lethal speeds. Thanks, little cubes! What would we do without you?

    Pirate Captain’s Chair


    Impress landlubbers and salty sea dogs alike when you kick back in this handsome chair. It’s handy to have in your novelties wardrobe for your next shore leave—or for when you’re stranded on a desert island.

    If you want to sit in the captain’s seat, you’d better look the part! Fortunately, the Pirate Hook Skin, Corsair Hat Skin, Peg-Leg Boots Skin, and Magnus’s Eye Patch are on sale for 40% off, and the Pirate Captain’s Outfit is on sale for 30% off this week.

    New Horizons Supply Drop—Week Three

    It’s the last week to get a discount on the New Horizons Supply Drop Requisition, so be sure to grab yours soon!

    What’s in Stock

    We’re swapping out our outfit inventory this week in preparation for autumn. Keep an eye out for returning favorites!

    Returning Today

    • Elite Reinforcements Package
    • Skyscale Ascension Mounts Pack

    Returning This Week

    • Black Lion Keys and Scrap Package
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