Dynamic Events

Tyria comes alive with thousands of stories that change based on the actions of players like you. You never know what you’ll discover each time you play!

Playing Together

We designed Guild Wars 2‘s open world to encourage casual group play and cooperation between players. You don’t need to form a party to team up with others, and there’s no penalty for jumping into a fight or receiving help. Experience and rewards are distributed individually, so you’ll never have to compete for loot.

If you like to strike out on your own and wander, go for it! Every profession has plenty of tools to help you survive in the open world.

Follow the Action

In Guild Wars 2, your choices have an impact on the world around you. Instead of a traditional questing system, each area has its own unique dynamic events that bring Tyria to life and tell each location’s story. These events respond to players’ presence, creating tougher challenges for big groups and changing the surrounding area to reflect victory or defeat.

Tyria’s villages and cities bustle with activity, with countless inhabitants going about their own lives.. You might overhear interesting conversations when you stop to rest in an outpost, and even be on hand to defend it from a sudden attack. Follow a suspicious character, and you might find where they’ve hidden their treasure—or where they’ve set up a deadly ambush.

Some events are part of a larger story, so look around once you’ve completed one! You might find characters planning to regroup if an event failed, or gathering forces to press their advantage if it succeeded.