December 2018 Community Showcase Live: Wintersday!

by Gaile Gray on 14th December, 2018


We’re delighted to announce the next episode of Community Showcase Live, our livestream celebrating the creative Guild Wars 2 community. The show will air on Wednesday, 19 December at 8:00 p.m. UTC (noon Pacific Time). As you might expect at this festive time of year, the theme is Wintersday! We hope you can join us for the show, which you can view on our official Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook channels.

I’ll be hosting the show, and my guest will be Chelsey Shudder, Cinematics Lead at ArenaNet. We’ll share marvelous creative works from around the world with a Wintersday flavor. Join us on December 19th and see what our community has created!

You can catch previous episodes of Community Showcase Live in our YouTube archives.

The image above was created by Yanli Wang, a member of the GW2 Artist Collective, for the Journeys Wintersday zine project. Thank you for sharing your work, Yanli! Learn more and purchase your own copy of the zine here.