Don’t Forget to Select Your Attributes in Today’s Release!

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on 28th May, 2019


Attribute-selectable gear has been updated with new choices in today’s release! You can read all about it in this blog post and find the full release notes on our forums.

Make sure to check your equipment and re-select attributes for any gear that’s been reset. The Key of Ahdashim raid is coming this June, and you don’t want to face Qadim unprepared!

Legendary Trinket: Vision

Relive your journey with Aurene and experience the past from a new perspective to craft this legendary trinket.

Catch up on “Requiem”

If you’re returning to Tyria for the Living World Season 4 finale, welcome back! We released three short stories exploring the thoughts of three of your allies between the events of “All or Nothing” and “War Eternal,” featuring art from ArenaNet creative partners. You can read the “All or Nothing: Requiem” series here.