Free Access to “Point of No Return” Ends 24 February

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on 27th January, 2015

If you haven’t logged in to Guild Wars 2 since 13 January, you’ll want to log in soon to unlock your free access to the latest episode. On 24 February, the free unlock period for “Point of No Return” will end and the episode will only be available through in-game purchase. Anyone who has unlocked the episode before February 24 will have permanent free access to play that episode.

Plant your memory seeds, battle the Mordrem Vinewrath, and earn even more pieces of the Carapace and Luminescent armor sets with the latest addition to Living World in Guild Wars 2.

If you missed any of the episodes from Living World Season 2, each is still available for purchase (and then unlimited play) inside the game by opening your Hero panel (H), selecting the Story Journal tab, and choosing Living World Season 2.