Introducing the Wintersday Competitive-Event Schedule

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on 15th December, 2014

There’s no better way to show off your holiday cheer than bashing in some skulls in PvP and WvW! Join us in the Mists between 16 December and 13 January to take part.

World vs. World: Sneak Attack

Come join in the World vs. World Sneak Attack! From 16 December through 13 January, with every player kill in WvW, you’ll gain a point toward your world score. Use a finisher while your world has Borderlands Bloodlust to earn your world another point toward victory. To be extra sneaky, objectives under attack will not display white swords for the duration of this event. Creep in under the radar to shake things up or patrol your objectives and raise the alarm to your world to keep sneaks off your assets. To celebrate this event, we are introducing the Mist War Summons effect, which will give players +15% WXP, +50% magic find in WvW, and +15% experience on kills in WvW.

This special event gives us an opportunity to freshen up play by bending the rules of WvW, and we’re excited to try out some new things and offer improved rewards for a limited time.

PvP: Ladder Test Season

We’ve made substantial changes to the way our PvP matchmaking and leaderboards work, and we’d like your help in experimenting with these newly improved systems. Between 16 December and 13 January, head into Ranked Arena and compete for the top spots on the leaderboard to earn PvP-exclusive prizes, including the Glorious Hero’s armor, which is available only through top placement on the leaderboard or in tournament play.

The top-ranked players on the ladder in each region will earn the following prizes:

  • Top 250: Mini Llama
  • Top 20: One piece of Glorious Hero’s armor
  • Top 5: Two pieces of Glorious Hero’s armor

We’ll see you in the game!