It’s Fun in the Southsun Week at the Black Lion Trading Company!

by Evon Gnashblade on 07th June, 2016

How about that heat wave, huh? If you’re sweltering in your skin, we’ve got a collection of sales and summer items to help cool you down. Pop on your shades for your vacation, and be sure to bring along a bucketful of our water balloons. If you can’t afford the Consortium’s exorbitant travel fees and low consumer safety rating, you can still chill out behind the concrete-reinforced walls of Lion’s Arch with all of us here at the Black Lion Trading Company. I’m not much of a swimmer, but the harbor’s looking pretty appealing right now…

  • Floral Glider

    It’s the prettiest glider in all of Tyria, and now it can be yours! Trail flower petals and the sweet fragrance of a summer zephyr everywhere you fly. Not recommended for covert operations.

  • Aviator Sunglasses Return

    For eye protection, nothing beats these. Originally designed by charr helicopter pilots to prevent crashes caused by the sun’s glare, they’ve been adapted for use by explorers and airship navigators of all races. We’ve just managed to get our hands on a few boxes. Don’t leave home without them!

  • Summer Sales and Returning Items

    Be the life of the party, not a beach bum. Wow your friends with Kites, Water Fight Balloon Buckets, Elegant Fan Focus Skins, and Butterfly Wings Backpacks—they’re all 20% off. No friends? No problem! We’ve also brought back the Mini Rock, Mini Southsun Faren, Mini Southsun Kasmeer, Mini Mai Trin, Mini Marjory Delaqua, and Mini Holographic Scarlet to keep you company.

  • Ending Soon

    This is the last week we’ll be adding chunks of Crystallized Magic and increased Permanent Black Lion Merchant Contracts to Black Lion Chests, so get in on those deals while you can!

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

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