Meet ROM of Orange Logo

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on 05th August, 2015

Henrik Thulin, also known as ROM, hails from Sweden. He started gaming at age five after his older brother showed him how to use a computer. In the area he grew up in, nearly everyone had access to a PC, so it was easy to find the opportunity to play video games after school. He’s been interested in player vs. player gaming since he was ten, and he describes himself as someone who thrives on facing other people in the competitive arena. It’s no surprise that he also enjoys traditional sports.

ROM was a dedicated player of the original Guild Wars® and describes Guild Wars 2 as having been a natural choice for him. What he likes best about Guild Wars 2 PvP is the freedom offered by the combat system—although he also enjoys MOBAs, they don’t provide the same feeling of customization and ownership that comes with having his own character. His favorite professions, warrior and ranger, give him the same opportunities for freedom, and he particularly enjoys having access to a wide range of skills that can be used without a specific target.

On Orange Logo:

ROM describes his own team as “versatile, flexible, and with a good mentality.” Because of that, he says it’s important to get to know who they are as a team.

On the Abjured:

He says that the Abjured are consistent performers, reliably playing very well but reaching performance bursts less often.

On the Civilized Gentlemen:

ROM describes TCG as less consistent overall but very strong when they perform at their best.

When asked if he had any message for WTS fans and the opposition, ROM declared, “The Logo will prevail!”

Mark your calendars! You can catch ROM at the World Tournament Series Finals on 8 August at gamescom in Cologne, Germany. He and his team will be facing off against the top PvP teams from around the world for the lion’s share of the $50,000 USD prize pool and the title of World Champion. Watch the action beginning at 8:00 a.m.UTC (1:00 a.m. Pacific Time), either in person at the ESL One booth or live on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel, and stay tuned for a Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ feature announcement during the finals! North America vs. Europe vs. China—who do you stand behind? Tune in for this epic showdown, and show your favorite region some support!