“My Legend Grows!” Forging Your First Legendary Weapon

by Isaiah Cartwright on 05th October, 2012

If you’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 in the month or so since launch, you’ve likely heard players talking about Legendary Weapons. What is a Legendary Weapon—and more importantly, how can you get one?

Legendary Weapons are the end result of an epic adventure in Guild Wars 2. You’ll travel all over, collecting items and amassing materials to build your Legendary Weapon.

How do you get started? Legendary Weapons are created in the Mystic Forge. We’ve kept the recipe a mystery so the community has a puzzle to figure out, but if you want some hints, many players have been posting their progress on forums. You’ll begin to see some ambitious players wielding Legendary Weapons in game very soon. If you’re more the figure-it-out-yourself type, you can finds hints as to how to craft your weapon in almost every area of Guild Wars 2—WvW, dungeons, dynamic events, crafting, and more—so keep your eyes peeled.

Let me explain some of the process. It all starts with a base weapon—these are the extremely rare exotic weapons. Once you’ve obtained your base weapon, you’ll need to present gifts to Zommoros, a powerful djinn who lives in Lion’s Arch. These gifts come from all over Tyria, and you’ll need different ones depending on what Legendary Weapon you’re trying to craft, so be ready to do some exploring.

From there, you’ll need to collect ore, wood, and high-level trophies. You’ll complete dungeons, battle in World vs. World, collect karma, and visit theTempleofBalthazar. Once you collect all of the necessary gifts, materials, and karma, you’re ready to craft your Legendary Weapon.

Legendary Weapons are an impressive meld of art and effects. They show off your accomplishments and allow you to change your character’s footprints, projectiles, and much more. They’re designed to stand out and show everyone that you are a true master of Guild Wars 2.