PvP League Season 17 Begins on 11 June

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on 06th June, 2019


PvP League Season 17 begins next week! Join the melee from 11 June to 5 August.

Let everyone know how deeply they should bow when they greet you—new titles are available this season:

  • 1st Place: God or Goddess of the Arena
  • 2nd Place: Demigod or Demigoddess of the Arena
  • 3rd Place: King or Queen of the Arena
  • 4th–10th Place: Prince or Princess of the Arena
  • 11th–25th Place: Duke or Duchess of the Arena
  • 26th–100th Place: Baron or Baroness of the Arena
  • 101st–250th Place: Knight or Dame of the Arena