Stylish New Items Available in the Gem Store!

by Evon Gnashblade on 25th June, 2013

Thanks to the innovation and efforts of the Black Lion Trading Company, you can now show off your trendy side with our new armor skins, honor one of the Order of Whispers’ finest agents with a special new plush backpack, and shred your enemies in the comfort of your own custom arena. We’ve also got items that are on the way out – read on for more details!

  • New—Aetherblade Armors

    The summer season is kicking into gear, which means it’s time to update your wardrobe! The Black Lion Trading Company is pleased to present our new line of Aetherblade armor skins, complete with full heavy, medium, and light sets.

  • New—Custom Arena Starter Kits

    Start honing your battle skills today with the help of our custom PvP arenas! Custom arenas allow players to host private matches and customize their match settings. These starter kits are now available for all players to purchase.

  • New in the Black Lion Chests – Tybalt Plush Backpack

    We’ve introduced a new item to Black Lion Chests – now every chest has a rare chance at a Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw plush backpack! This fuzzy backpack is especially well-suited for holding apples.

  • Leaving Soon – Free Accessory

    Biviane Marriner’s little doll, Polla, is only in the Gem Store until July 1. Stop by the Upgrades category today to pick up this free accessory item!

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press “O” to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!