World Tournament Series Finals Dated and Slated

by Joshua Davis on 26th September, 2014

The Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series will name a champion this December in China!

It’s our first truly international tournament, bringing together top PvP teams from North America, Europe and China to fight for the title of Guild Wars 2 PvP Champion. Players worldwide who are vying to earn a place among the greats can now look to a date on the calendar and get an idea of what they could walk away with for prizes.

ArenaNet and KongZhong, our publishing partner in China, will host the 2014 WTS Championships 4 – 5 December in Beijing.

At stake will be $50,000 USD in cash. The first place winners will walk away with exactly half of that prize pool. The remainder will be divided among second, third and fourth place teams. The tournament selects the top four PvP teams to compete, meaning all participants are guaranteed to walk away with money in their pockets.

2014 WTS Championships Prizing
Rank Prize (US Dollars)
1st Place and WTS Champion $25,000
2nd Place $15,000
3rd Place $7,500
4th Place $2,500

Before any teams can start making travel plans, they’ll need to finish out the current competition taking place in the Tournament of Glory. The Tournament of Glory was an open invitation to anyone who plays PvP in Guild Wars 2 to see if they have what it takes to become a world-class competitor. In round after round of fierce combat, these players have been fighting to survive.

We recently posted an update on the Tournament of Glory qualifying rounds, pointing to some of the teams already making their mark on the WTS circuit. Whether these players can stick around remains to be seen. Those who do will earn a spot in the Tournament of Glory Finals taking place 11-12 October.

The winners of the Tournament of Glory Finals move on to the WTS Invitational Qualifier, scheduled for 25 – 26 October. Seeding in the Invitational Qualifier will be based on how teams placed in the Tournament of Glory Finals.

Next stop – China.

The teams who survive the invitational will then get their passports stamped – and travel covered – for an early December trip to Beijing. That’s where they compete for the title of inaugural Guild Wars 2 WTS Champion!

As an added bonus, all Guild Wars 2 PvP players can earn enhanced rewards with new “Call of the Mists” bonuses during the weekends when major tournaments are taking place.

On 11 -12 October, and then again on 25 – 26 October, we will be granting all players 10% increased PvP rank point gain, +15% reward track progress, and an extra 100% magic find while inside PvP maps. (And yes, magic find works on PvP reward boxes.) Check out the Maguuma Wastes Reward Track to work towards the geodes and ambrite fossils needed for the Ambrite weapons, or just snag a few Zephyrite Keys for your adventures in Dry Top. If that isn’t your cup of tea, you can always work towards the PvP-exclusive Glorious Armor, available only in the Glorious Reward Track.

The competition will only get hotter. Many will fall. Those who rise will be immortalized. Stay tuned.