Dragon Bash

11th June, 2013

Lion’s Arch honours the defiant spirit of its citizenry with the rousing Dragon Bash festival, when revellers laugh in the face of fear! Sponsored by the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch, Dragon Bash is a month-long celebration packed with all-new activities, fireworks, exclusive rewards and surprises galore! The festival begins on 11th June and ends at on 9th July.

Show no fear – Dragon Bash is here!

Dragon Bash Events

  • Dragon Bash Activities in Lion’s Arch – Begins 11th June

    Lion’s Arch is the bustling epicenter of the Dragon Bash festivities. The Captain’s Council has spared no expense in decorating this proud, battered city, as evidenced by the giant holographic dragon harmlessly soaring overhead.

  • Bash the Dragon! – Begins 11th June

    Look for holographic projectors scattered all across Tyria during the celebration. These mini-projector devices contain hologram minions which can drop a Dragon Bash surprise… a Dragon Coffer! Starting 18th June, you’ll also find dragon effigies all across Tyria during Dragon Bash. Perform a ritual dance and light the effigy to receive a temporary boost!

  • Holographic Surprises Galore! – Begins 11th June

    Look for holographic projectors scattered all across Tyria during the celebration. These mini-projector devices contain hologram minions which can drop a Dragon Bash surprise… a Dragon Coffer!

  • Developer Livestream – 10th June at 9PM CET (12PM PDT)

    Take an inside look at Dragon Bash with ArenaNet devs during the livestream on our Twitch channel on Tuesday, 10th June at 9PM CET (12PM PDT).

  • Dragon Ball – Begins 11th June

    The ancient Tyrian pastime of Dragon Ball returns! Teams of players test their Dragon Ball skills against one another in this fast-paced game of skill and reflexes. Get ready to dodge!

  • Moa Racing – Begins 11th June

    Pick the fastest moa! Farshore Ward in Lion’s Arch is the site of fast and furious Moa Racing, where you can bet on your favourite moa racers!

  • Dragon Piñatas – Begins 11 June

    In major cities around Tyria, you’ll find dragon piñatas strung up in honor of the festival. Break these open to receive tasty Dragon Bash candy!

  • Dragon Bash Fireworks – 14th-17th June

    Watch the skies above Lion’s Arch come alive with an explosive fireworks show every night in-game. The fireworks begin at 6PM CET (9AM PDT) on Friday, 14th June and will go off every two hours until 9PM CET (12AM PDT) Monday, 17th June. Stay through the spectacular finale and receive a unique festival helm – The Horns of the Dragon!

  • The Dragon Effigy Lighting Ceremony – Begins 18th June

    Join the Captain’s Council and other dignitaries as they light dragon effigies in the Grand Piazza of Lion’s Arch starting 18th June. Hosted by the jovial Magnus the Bloody Handed, this ceremony will be full of merriment and surprises.

New Rewards

  • Horns of the Dragon

    This unique helm is only available to players who attend an entire fireworks show in Lion’s Arch, which occurs every two hours during the in-game evening from 14th-17th June.

  • Holographic Dragon Bash Wings

    This dragon wing back item is only available as a very rare drop in the Dragon Ball Arena and throughout Tyria during the celebration. Ambitious adventurers who collect a large amount of Dragon Bash candy can obtain these exclusive holographic festival wings.

  • Shattered Dragon Wings

    Dedicated festival goers who earn the Dragon Bash Meta Achievement will receive this imposing back item – a set of holographic Shattered dragon wings!

  • Dragon Coffer

    This special reward chest, which drops only during Dragon Bash, is packed with treats and a chance for fireworks, a hologram minion mini, and Dragon’s Jade weapon skins!

  • Dragon’s Jade Weapon Skins

    Show your Dragon Bash spirit with these cool new weapon skins with a distinctly draconic look. You can find weapon tickets inside Rich Dragon Coffers and (rarely) in Dragon Coffers, and exchange them for weapon skins from Black Lion Weapon Specialists in every major city!

  • Helmed Moa Racer Mini

    You’ll only find this adorable helmed version of the moa mini during Dragon Bash! Purchase this mini with vouchers earned from the Moa Racing activity.

A Guide to Dragon Bash

Wondering how to make the most of your time at Dragon Bash? We’ve created a small guide to help keep you on the right track for this year’s festival.

New Gem Store Items

  • Rich Dragon Coffer

    Crack open the new Rich Dragon Coffer, a deluxe version of the Dragon Coffer chest which offers a greater chance to receive rare items like holographic minis and the Dragon’s Jade weapon skins! Available only in the Gem Store in the Consumables category.

  • Dragon Bash Mini Pack

    This exclusive 3-pack of holographic minis will remind you of the festivities all year long. Available in the Gem Store in the Minis category through the end of Dragon Bash!

  • Marriner’s Horn

    Now you can wield a warhorn exactly like the one blown by the legendary hero of Lion’s Arch, Cobiah Marriner. This unbreakable horn plays a distinct tune that will make you stand out on the battlefield.

  • Dragon’s Fortune Fireworks

    Wake the neighbors and frighten the moas with the new Dragon’s Fortune Fireworks, a spectacular pyrotechnic display that provides a magic buff to those who are nearby during the finale.

New Features in this Release

Fight to Keep Your Spot on the PvP Leaderboards

We’ve improved the way that the PvP leaderboards reflect excellence! Inactive players will automatically start to slip down the leaderboards over time, allowing new and active players an opportunity to fight their way up to a higher rank. This means that the leaderboards will more accurately represent the best PvP players.

Authorised Shoutcaster Program

In the new Authorised Shoutcaster Program, when highly rated PvP teams are matched-up in rated play, authorised shoutcasters will receive a notification and be allowed to enter that match as a spectator to bring you the action on a slight time delay.

Release Notes

Read detailed notes from our developers about what’s new in this release.