Guild Wars 2

New Player Guide

During your first 20 levels in Guild Wars 2, you'll learn how to control your character, get comfortable moving around the world, and start discovering your playstyle. Use our guide to find your way as you set out on your adventures!

After you defeat the tutorial boss, you'll be just outside your race's capital city in your starting map. Your compass will guide you to nearby activities.


You're encouraged to explore the vast world of Tyria. Every area is full of secrets, surprises, and people to discover, and you'll earn experience points for your character no matter what you do. Set out in any direction and see what you find!

World Map

Feeling overwhelmed? Check your world map by pressing [M].

You can clear the fog from your map by exploring it. When you discover a new area, check your map for new hearts, waypoints, vistas, hero challenges, and points of interest.

  • Renown Hearts

    A nonplayer character (NPC) needs help. Fill the bar on the upper-right side of your screen by doing tasks in the area around the heart. After you've filled the heart, you'll find rewards in a chest above your compass, and you can visit the NPC to purchase items with a special currency called karma.


    Unlock a waypoint by getting close to it, and you can instantly travel there in the future by opening your world map and clicking on it. Teleporting to a waypoint costs a small fee unless you're in a city. If enemies attack an area near the waypoint, the waypoint may become temporarily unavailable.

  • Vistas

    Interact with these icons to see incredible views of the area. You might have to do a little jumping and climbing to get to them, and some are more challenging to reach than others!

    Hero Challenges

    Hero Challenges require you to complete different tasks, from defeating a boss to channeling power in a dangerous area. After reaching level 11, spend the hero points you earn in the Training tab of your Hero panel to learn new skills.

  • Points of Interest

    These icons indicate landmarks, such as towns or natural phenomena. They're hotspots for activities, events, mysterious circumstances, and unusual characters.

Life in Tyria is always on the move. If you see a character doing something interesting, try following them. If enemies are attacking a defenseless camp, pitch in and help! You'll probably find an event. These special activities reward experience points and coin. Sometimes success will also net you items, access to a secret area, or a new event to join.

Orange circles and markers on your compass show you where an event is taking place.

Adventurers flock to events to lend a hand, so they're a great way to meet other players. Following along with groups of fellow players is also a perfect way to find new events!

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