Rangers rely on a keen eye, a steady hand, and the power of nature itself. Unparalleled survivalists with traps, nature spirits, and a stable of loyal pets at their command, rangers can adapt to any situation.

Main Hand Off Hand Two-Handed Aquatic


Rangers are accompanied by animal companions who fight at their side. As they explore Tyria, they charm juvenile animals in the wild, such as cunning birds, loyal dogs, fierce monsters, and even undersea creatures like sharks. Each pet species has its own unique skills.


Rangers are experts in wilderness survival and nature magic.

  1. Traps

    Rangers punish enemies by hiding traps on the field of battle. Traps can freeze, cripple, and poison unwary foes who wander into their paths.

  2. Spirits

    Rangers summon nature spirits to their side. These spirits influence the environment around them, healing and empowering allies. When a spirit returns to the earth, its sacrifice creates an effect such as a blast of icy air or softened ground to immobilize enemies.