Season 3 - Episode 6

  1. One Path Ends

    The final episode of Living World Season 3 is here! Return to the city of the gods in a desperate search for Balthazar, walk the Mists in a new fractal, and hold history in your hands with two new legendary weapons!


  1. June 2017 Competitive Feature Pack

    If you love testing your mettle against your fellow players, June is your month to shine! Get ready for updates to structured PvP and World vs. World, along with the start of PvP League Season 7.

Season 3 - Episode 5

  1. Flashpoint

    Uncover a bitter truth in the penultimate episode of Living World Season 3, complete the collection to earn your set of legendary armor, and light your way with a new legendary torch!

Special Event

  1. Super Adventure Festival

    Asuran genius Moto is bringing his high-tech invention, the Super Adventure Box, back for a yearly festival!

Season 3 - Episode 4

  1. The Head of the Snake

    Walk into the White Mantle’s pit of vipers as Season 3 of Guild Wars 2’s Living World continues, and unshackle the truth in a new raid.

Special Event

  1. A Very Merry Wintersday

    Bells are ringing, snowballs are flying, and Toymaster Tixx's fantastic golem-shaped airship is hovering over Divinity's Reach—the traditional Tyrian seasonal celebration of Wintersday is here again!

Season 3 - Episode 3

  1. A Crack In The Ice

    Travel to the northern Shiverpeaks, explore the noxious Nightmare Fractal, and make a legendary new friend in Episode 3 of Living World Season 3, A Crack in the Ice!

Special Event

  1. The Shadow of the Mad King

    The Shadow of the Mad King, our annual Halloween festival, returns for nearly two weeks of ghoulish capers, spooky fights, and frightening fun!

Season 3 - Episode 2

  1. Rising Flames

    In the second episode of Living World Season 3, explore the unforgiving Ring of Fire Islands and battle in the Eternal Coliseum, in addition to gameplay updates.

Season 3 - Episode 1

  1. Out of the Shadows

    The first episode of Living World Season 3 is here! Experience a new chapter of Guild Wars 2's story, explore the wild Chaos Isles, survive a ghost ship's vengeance, and enjoy new gameplay features and quality-of-life updates.


  1. Stronghold of the Faithful

    You've faced the ghosts of Spirit Vale and uncovered the truth behind Salvation Pass; now the final steps of your journey lie before you. Prepare to enter the Stronghold of the Faithful and challenge the White Mantle in their own territory.


  1. PvP Leagues

    Battle for glory and earn prestige in the fourth Player vs. Player League Season, beginning August 9! Fight your way through six divisions, from Amber to Legendary. Now you have new options to report game-disrupting behavior, and you can play in your favorite map while queuing for PvP matches..

  1. Spring 2016 Quarterly Update

    In the Spring 2016 Quarterly Update, you'll find more to explore in Heart of Thorns maps, get one character boosted to max level, find the members you need for your raid group, earn new rewards in World vs. World, and more! Read More

Special Event

  1. Super Adventure Festival

    Asuran genius Moto is bringing his high-tech invention, the Super Adventure Box, back for a yearly festival!


  1. Salvation Pass

    The search for a missing Pact leader continues as you and your allies venture deeper into the Forsaken Thicket. Strange magical energy has run amok, and long-hidden mysteries wait to be brought to light.

  1. Winter 2016 Quarterly Update

    In our very first quarterly update of 2016, you’ll be able to take to the skies of Central Tyria, do battle against a deadlier Shatterer, organize your squad with map markers and promotions, summon an old friend to fight beside you in Stronghold, celebrate traditional Lunar New Year festivities, and more! Read More

Special Event

  1. A Very Merry Wintersday

    Bells are ringing, snowballs are flying, and Toymaster Tixx's fantastic golem-shaped airship is hovering over Divinity's Reach—the traditional Tyrian seasonal celebration of Wintersday is here again!


  1. Spirit Vale

    Enter Spirit Vale, the initial wing of the first raid in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, and tackle the greatest challenge yet. Built on top of our action combat and dynamic event systems, raids in Guild Wars 2 are instanced, ten-player content designed to be the ultimate test of your skill. Gather your allies for epic experiences!

Special Event

  1. The Shadow of the Mad King

    The Shadow of the Mad King, our annual Halloween festival, returns for nearly two weeks of ghoulish capers, spooky fights, and frightening fun!

Season 2 - part 3

  1. Episode 8
    Point of No Return

    Time is running out: the Pact Fleet is poised to launch, and Glint’s egg is still missing. You have one last memory seed to plant, and the search through Caithe’s past has led you to a cave sealed shut with strange magic. The time for truth has come. Find a way to break the seal, enter the cave, and learn what happened all those years ago.

Special Event

  1. A Very Merry Wintersday

    The nights may be growing longer and colder, but Divinity’s Reach is merry with the warmth of the Wintersday spirit. Celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next in this traditional winter festival!

Season 2 - part 2

  1. Episode 7
    Seeds of Truth

    To catch a thief, you must become a thief, but be wary—following Caithe’s trail will take you down a strange, dark path.

  2. Episode 6
    Tangled Paths

    The existence of a dragon egg could change the fate of Tyria – for better or worse. While the Pact continues its preparations for the fight against Mordremoth, it falls to you to attempt to track the Master of Peace and the egg he carries.

  3. Episode 5
    Echoes of the Past

    The attack on the Pale Tree has spurred the world’s leaders into action and hardened their resolve. As season 2 continues, the races of Tyria are preparing for war against the Elder Dragon Mordremoth.

Special Event

  1. Blood and Madness

    Blood and Madness, our annual Halloween festival, returns for two weeks of ghoulish capers, spooky fights, and maddening fun! Gather together with the citizens of Lion’s Arch to enjoy another year of tricks, treats, and terrible jokes.

Feature Pack

  1. September 2014
    Feature Pack

    Feature packs in Guild Wars 2 focus exclusively on in-game features, and this one is bringing in brand-new systems, improvements to existing features, balance updates, and more. We'll be revealing more features and updates as we approach September 9, so check back frequently to stay on top of all the news!

Season 2

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  1. Episode 4
    The Dragon’s Reach: Part 2

    A historic summit is about to take place in the spreading shadow of Mordremoth’s advance, but not all of the world leaders have agreed to attend. Can you convince uneasy allies to come together and cooperate, or will lingering tensions spell Tyria’s doom? This episode opens up more land for you to explore! Venture further into Dry Top and test your mettle against the new foes you find there! After this release, Living World Season 2 will resume this Fall!

  2. Episode 3
    The Dragon’s Reach: Part 1

    As the adventure of Season 2 continues, the whole of Tyria is threatened by the peril of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth. Attacks by its minions have stretched ever-farther afield, from the arid Maguuma wastes to the Timberline Falls and the heart of Kryta. All of Tyria must come to understand this dire threat.

  3. Episode 2

    Living World Season 2 continues with our latest episode – Entanglement! Continue your adventures in the Maguuma Wastes and take a stand alongside your fellow heroes against an ancient, growing threat.

  4. Episode 1
    Gates of Maguuma

    There’s a strange disturbance in the tangled western reaches of the Brisban Wildlands, and it’s up to you to find out what’s afoot! Meet up with Seraph forces in Brisban and get to the root of the problem.

Special Event

  1. Festival of the Four Winds

    The Zephyrites have returned to support Lion’s Arch! In Divinity’s Reach, the Queen has reopened the Crown Pavilion to show her support for the recovering port city. Join in the festivities to raise morale and celebrate the Zephyrites’ contributions to the Lion’s Arch relief effort.

Feature Pack

  1. April 2014
    Feature Pack

    Prepare to experience Guild Wars 2 as never before! The April 2014 Feature Pack is the first release to focus exclusively on in-game features, and it's bringing in brand-new systems, improvements to existing features, balance updates, and more!

Season 1

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  1. Episode 20
    Battle for Lion’s Arch: Aftermath

    At long last, the siege of Lion’s Arch has been broken and Scarlet’s reign of terror is at an end. Despite Scarlet’s death, all is not well: Lion’s Arch is little more than a smoldering husk, citizens are still camped near Vigil, the Durmand Priory, and Stormbluff Isle, and the cost of victory was high.

  2. Episode 19
    Battle for
    Lion’s Arch

    Scarlet’s armies have razed Lion’s Arch and occupy the smoldering husk of the proud port city – but she has not won yet! With the noxious miasma dissipating, heroes and friends of Lion’s Arch can mount an assault to re-take the city and fight Scarlet herself. Free the city and put a stop to Scarlet’s machinations!

  3. Episode 18
    Escape from Lion’s Arch

    Scarlet is on the attack! After months of preparation, the arch-villain descends on Lion’s Arch with all of her deadly forces.

  4. Episode 17
    The Edge of
    the Mists

    Scarlet has ordered a squad of Aetherblade pirates into the Edge of the Mists to marshal their forces. Taimi, who has been following Scarlet’s trail for some time, followed the Aetherblades into the Mists – and dragged the bewildered Braham along!

  5. Episode 16
    The Origins
    of Madness

    The heroes of Tyria face a battle on two fronts; their beloved land is imperiled as never before. From under the sun-baked sands of Bloodtide Coast, a gigantic jungle wurm has arisen to threaten all who come within their domain. In the mountains of Lornar’s Pass, Scarlet’s latest creation – a towering, mechanical monstrosity – is wreaking destruction.

  6. Special Event
    A Very Merry Wintersday

    The nights may be growing longer and colder, but Lion’s Arch is merrier than ever before! Wintersday is returning to Tyria, along with everyone’s favorite toymaking inventor – Tixx! Celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next in this six-week winter festival!

  7. Episode 15

    Explore great moments from Tyria’s past and test your battle skills in this never-ending chain of dungeons that become more and more challenging the farther you go! Begin your battle through time and space in this infinitely challenging series of dungeons!

  8. Episode 14
    The Nightmares Within

    The dark tower in Kessex Hills has been breached! Now is the time to storm the tower and begin setting things to rights. Within the morbid stronghold of the Toxic Alliance, you’ll find new dangers, new challenges, and come face-to-face with terror incarnate.

  9. Episode 13
    Tower of Nightmares

    A toxic seed has been sown.
    Guarded by magic, fed with evil, it grows.

  10. Special Event
    Blood and Madness

    A grim specter lurks in the shadows of the Mad King’s past.
    The Bloody Prince is coming to Tyria!

  11. Episode 12
    Twilight Assault

    Rumors have been gathering—whispers of a menace in the shadows.
    Trouble is stirring in Twilight Arbor!

  12. Special Event
    Tequatl Rising

    It has been gathering power in the depths. It is faster, stronger, deadlier. It has returned to devour and destroy. It is called Tequatl the Sunless… and it has evolved.

  13. Special Event
    Super Adventure Box: Back to School

    The asuran genius Moto is back with his new and improved Super Adventure Box! This virtual reality simulator was designed to educate young asura, but anyone can enroll! Face new challenges and new enemies in World 2, or put your skills to the ultimate test with the aptly-named Tribulation Mode!

  14. Episode 11
    Clockwork Chaos

    What surprises and excitement await you among Queen Jennah’s most esteemed guests at the Crown Pavilion? The Krytan Queen is preparing to address the celebrants and emissaries attending her royal jubilee, but someone else has plans for the Queen’s speech!

  15. Episode 10
    Queen's Jubilee

    A celebration of ten years of Queen Jennah’s rule is about to kick off in Divinity’s Reach! The queen has commissioned a new gladiatorial arena for the occasion—the Crown Pavilion—as a shining symbol of her people’s endurance.

  16. Episode 9
    Cutthroat Politics

    An assassination has created a vacancy on the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch. Two candidates —war hero Ellen Kiel and prominent merchant Evon Gnashblade —both want to occupy that empty seat, but they can’t do it without your support!

  17. Special Event
    Bazaar of the Four Winds

    The Bazaar of the Four Winds is gathering— merchants are converging from all corners of Tyria to sell their wares. But this time it’s not just shady characters and risky trades; this year, the mystical, flying Zephyr Sanctum has landed, bringing their magical crystals and amazing movement skills to savvy traders and daring adventurers alike!

  18. Episode 8
    Sky Pirates of Tyria

    Chaos has come to Lion’s Arch and the culprits responsible for the mayhem have holed up in their hideout! Inspector Ellen Kiel spearheaded the investigation into the murder, and she’s now gathering teams of deputies to capture the perpetrator. Better sharpen your weapons and skills—this criminal promises to be a slippery eel!

  19. Episode 7
    Dragon Bash

    Lion’s Arch honors the defiant spirit of its citizenry with the rousing Dragon Bash festival, when revelers laugh in the face of fear! Sponsored by the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch, Dragon Bash is a month-long celebration packed with all-new activities, fireworks, exclusive rewards, and surprises galore! The festival begins on June 11 and ends on July 9.

  20. Episode 6
    Last Stand at Southsun

    In a fatally misguided attempt to free the new settlers from exploitation by The Consortium, Canach has turned the creatures of the island into tools of destruction. Can you and Inspector Kiel of the Lionguard stop Canach’s plot before the shores of Southsun Cove run red with blood?

  21. Episode 5
    The Secret of Southsun

    The merchants and traders of The Consortium have given shelter to refugees driven from their lands by the Molten Alliance, but many of these new arrivals feel more like prisoners than guests. With the new settlers on the verge of rioting and someone—or something—driving the local wildlife to new heights of aggression, it’s up to you and Lionguard Inspector Kiel...

  22. Episode 4
    Flame and Frost: Retribution

    In secret foundries deep beneath the Shiverpeaks, the Molten Alliance forges deadly new weaponry that combine the fiery power of the Flame Legion with the iron might of the dredge. There, Alliance weapon smiths test their creations on innocent captives, perfecting their cruel technology until it is ready to unleash on all of Tyria.

  23. Special Event
    Super Adventure Box

    Enter a world of challenging fun and sweet graphics! Do you have what it takes to get through THREE AWESOME LEVELS of platforms, puzzles, and pests?

  24. Episode 3
    Flame and Frost: The Razing

    A hybrid army erupts through fiery portals in the Shiverpeaks. A Molten Alliance between the dredge and the charr Flame Legion has created a force powerful enough to massacre any who stand in their way. One settlement, one homestead at a time, they’re wiping out all resistance. The razing has begun.

  25. Episode 2
    Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm

    The situation worsens for the citizens of Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau. Volunteers have eased the burden, but more refugees hobble down from the Shiverpeaks. The storm there gains momentum, but the forces of good are beginning to rally. They’re sending their heroes to defend the land and its peoples. Someone must hold back the gathering storm.

  26. Episode 1
    Flame and Frost: Prelude

    The sky falls and the ground shakes in the lands of the north. Charr and norn refugees crawl from the wreckage of their homes in the Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau, struggling to find shelter in the south. The call goes out for volunteers to assist the victims in this time of need, when earth and sky seem to have become the enemy…

  27. Special Event

    The nights may be long and dark, but Tyrians of all races keep joy alive during the ancient holiday of Wintersday. While each race celebrates Wintersday in their own unique way, children all over Tyria share a common love of one thing: toys.

  28. Special Event
    The Lost Shores

    Something stirs in the Sea of Sorrows…
    Unravel a mystery of monstrous proportions in The Lost Shores, a massive one-time world event that will change Tyria forever!

  29. Special Event
    The Shadow of the Mad King

    Halloween has a long history in Tyria, and in times past was always marked by the spirit of Mad King Thorn cavorting among the people unleashing his own brand of insanity. However, it’s been over 250 years since he was last seen, and for most people he is merely a figure of folklore. Despite this, rumors persist among the populace that something wicked this way comes.