Practitioners of the dark arts, necromancers summon minions, wield the power of ritual, and heal themselves with blood magic. Necromancers feed on life force, which they can leverage offensively or use to delay their own demise.

Main Hand Off Hand Two-Handed Aquatic

Life Force

Life force is a special type of energy that necromancers draw from their enemies. Once they’ve collected enough life force, necromancers can activate their Death Shroud, entering a spirit form. Life force can be gathered from certain weapon attacks and especially from deaths that happen near the necromancer.

In Death Shroud, a necromancer’s stored life force acts as a secondary health bar, and they gain access to a special set of skills that can only be used in Death Shroud.


Necromancers use their power over death to terrify enemies and comfort allies.

  1. Minions

    Necromancers summon undead minions such as blood fiends to steal health and flesh golems to defend them and attack foes.

  2. Wells

    By performing rituals, necromancers create wells of dark power to torture their enemies and support their allies.