Coming Soon: Guild Wars 2 Halloween Diorama Contest!

by The Guild Wars 2 Community Team on October 01, 2012

Halloween is coming! It’s our favorite time of year, so in addition to the in-game madness that we can’t tell you about quite yet, we’re celebrating Halloween with a special arts and craft contest that we like to call the Guild Wars 2 Halloween Diorama Contest.

What is a diorama? Put simply, a diorama is a miniature three-dimensional model that depicts a scene through the use of miniature figures, props, and scenery. This is an example of a diorama from a previous contest we ran for the original Guild Wars.

This year we want you to put your imagination and craft skills to work by creating a diorama that combines two of our favorite things:  Halloween with Guild Wars 2!

We’ll have a wide range of prizes, including cool Guild Wars 2 branded peripherals from SteelSeries, graphics cards from NVIDIA, a signed Making of Guild Wars 2 book, and more!

So get started on your diorama, and we’ll be following up soon with additional information and details on how you can enter.