Gamescom August 14 -17, 2014

Join ArenaNet staff at gamescom 2014 for the Guild Wars 2 International All-Stars Tournament! We’ll be at the Twitch booth from August 14 to August 17. Meet developers, talk with other devoted fans, and watch the first truly global Guild Wars 2 tournament!

If you can’t attend the event in person, don’t worry! We’ll be livestreaming from the show floor.

Tournament Information

We’re flying out all-star players from all over the world to participate in the first-ever Guild Wars 2 International All-Stars Tournament! The European and North American representatives were elected by community vote out of 16 of the top players from each region.

You can read more about the tournament here and read the official rules here.


Livestream Schedule

  • Thursday, August 14 at 6:00 a.m. PDT (15:00 CEST)
    China vs. Europe
  • Friday, August 15 at 8:20 a.m. PDT (17:20 CEST)
    US vs. China
  • Saturday, August 16 at 8:40 a.m. PDT (17:40 CEST)
    Europe vs. US

Team Profiles

North American team:

  • Phantaram

    Team Mist (USA)

    As an elementalist who has predominantly played with scepter/dagger builds, Phantaram is going to bring huge burst damage potential to the North American All-Stars team. Phantaram is also no stranger to the European meta and playstyle, having played there extensively with Team Paradigm. This gives him a keen insight into the European competitive scene and possibility provides the edge his team needs to secure the tournament win.

  • Zombify

    Team Sync (USA)

    Zombify is one of the few players in Guild Wars 2 with a LAN tournament under their belt, having participated in the Guild Wars 2 Invitational at Pax Prime last year. His experience dealing with the pressure of playing on stage and his ability to pass the lessons he learned onto his teammates will be a massive boon to the North American All-Stars team. Zombify is sure to flex his necromantic skills on this global stage for all to admire.

  • Zoose

    Team Oil (USA)

    Young Zoose has spent the last two years mastering the various builds and playstyles that elementalist can offer. As a damage-focused player, Zoose will partner well with many of the other North American All-Stars, able to bring instant death to nearly any target of their choosing. Be prepared for fast-paced, high-risk, high-reward gameplay that will keep you guessing.

  • Supcutie

    Team KPz (USA)

    Supcutie has historically been known as one of the top mesmers on the North American servers, but he also shows a great understanding and knowledge of all professions, allowing him to fill many different roles in a team composition. Analytical by nature, Supcutie will identify holes in his opponent’s strategy and help his team exploit them.

  • Kaypud

    Team KPz (USA)

    Kaypud has been a pillar of the North American competitive scene for quite some time, having played on multiple top teams since release. In addition to his ability to play multiple professions in order to maximize his team’s efficacy, Kaypud’s whimsical nature will provide his team much needed stress relief in the most heated moments of the tournament.

European team:

  • Helseth

    Team Mist (Sweden)

    As the captain of Team Mist, Helseth is charged with determining the overall strategy for his team as well as calling the shots in the heat of battle. His unparalleled mesmer mechanics, paired with his leadership ability, will undoubtedly make him a formidable foe. Be sure to watch out for interesting use of the Portal skill, which will allow him to instantly move his team around the map at a moment’s notice.

  • Denshee

    Team Mist (Sweden)

    Denshee has tested his mettle in both North America and Europe, having played at the highest competitive levels in both regions. Perhaps Denshee’s greatest contribution to the European All-Stars team is his ability to play multiple professions, allowing him to shore up weak points of his team’s composition. This flexibility will help his team adapt to the differences in playstyle between each region.

  • Tage

    Team Mist (Slovakia)

    Widely regarded as one of the strongest bunker guardians in Europe, Tage’s extreme resilience and strong support awareness will allow him to act as the cornerstone in the European All-Stars team’s strategy. The North American team consists of some of the strongest damage dealers in the competitive side of Guild Wars 2 – but what will happen when they match up against this immovable object?

  • Sizer

    Team Mist (Austria)

    The quintessential thief, Sizer’s strong map awareness and sense of player rotation will allow him to create opportunities to capture the enemy team’s unprotected capture points, forcing them to split up to compensate. Additionally, Sizer’s high-mobility will allow him to quickly rotate into team fights, always giving his team the upper hand.

  • ROM

    Team Mist (Sweden)

    ROM is no stranger to extreme competition, having played for multiple top teams such as Cheese Mode, Made in Meta, Chieftan Ninjas, and most recently Team Mist. As a devout theory-crafter, ROM prides himself in having creating multiple builds and playstyles that are now used by players across Guild Wars 2.

Chinese team:

  • Gio


    Gio is a new Guild Wars 2 player, having started playing in the Chinese Open Beta Test. He is regarded as one of the best engineers in China.

  • Nocturne


    Nocturne is a veteran Guild Wars 2 player, having reached top five on the North American Solo Arena leaderboards. He also holds five Champion titles – as an engineer, ranger, warrior, guardian, and mesmer.

  • Loveyoumuji


    Loveyoumuji is a warrior at heart and has gained significant renown in China for his performance in the Guild Wars 2 Chinese Elite Invitational.

  • Mrtime


    Mrtime is one of the top thieves on the Chinese servers and has held a top 30 position on both the North American and European leaderboards.

  • Captain Hook


    Captain Hook mainly plays a warrior, and spends some of his time shoutcasting matches. He has also managed to break into the top 200 ranks on the North American leaderboards.


  • First place: Each member of the first place team will receive their choice of a legendary weapon (Eternity excluded), one PvP tournament-exclusive armor set, and the First Place Trophy Finisher.
  • Second place: Each member of the second place team will receive a precursor of their choice, one PvP tournament-exclusive armor set, and the Second Place Trophy Finisher.
  • Third place: Each member of the third place team will receive three individual pieces of the PvP tournament-exclusive armor set, and the Third Place Trophy Finisher.


ArenaNet is proud to team up with our world-class partners for this event: