A Guide to Dragon Bash, Part Two

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on June 18, 2013

(Warning – Spoilers!)

Mini Guide

Available Tuesday, June 18th

  • Dragon effigies have been placed in all of the explorable maps for levels one to 35. Perform a ritual dance in front of an effigy to gain a 2% health boost. These health boosts can stack up to 10% as you channel the ritual dance skill.
  • You’ll be directed to the effigy lighting ceremony, a single-player instance called Memories on the Pyre, where the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch and cultural representatives from the different races of Tyria will light the effigies in the Grand Piazza on fire.
  • The effigy ceremony goes awry when one of the effigies emits an arcane pulse that kills the charr cultural representative and wounds three of the council members. Help Inspector Kiel to escort a dolyak carrying the wounded to Fort Marriner. Along the way, you’ll need to fend off Aetherblade pirates and Inquest golems that descend from the sky. Safely reach the Lionguard headquarters and talk to Kiel to finish this story instance.

Available Wednesday, June 19th

  • A mysterious message will send you to seek out private investigator Marjory Delaqua in the Dead End, a bar in the Eastern Commons of Divinity’s Reach. After her cinematic introduction, head back to Lion’s Arch to investigate. All of the story instances will be single-player.
  • Talk to Investigator Kiel in the Grand Piazza to enter the Scene of the Crime, a single-player instance. After a scene between Marjory and Kiel, talk to Marjory to obtain an Investigation Kit. With the help of the kit, you’ll be able to exonerate five of the murder suspects.
  • A message from Marjory indicates that three of the suspects have been located. The ogre Vorrk in Lion’s Arch, the quaggan Morraloo in Bloodtide Coast and the skritt Kasparak in Gendarran Fields.
  • Upon finding Vorrk’s body, use the Investigation Kit to collect arcane residue evidence. Morraloo and Kasparak are found alive; you should be able to talk them into returning to Lion’s Arch for investigation.

Available Thursday, June 20th

  • Next, another mail from Marjory indicates that the last two suspect have been found: Trembling Song in Snowden Drifts and Astorra in Caledon Forest. Again, these suspects won’t need to be taken by force.
  • Return to the Grand Piazza and talk to Kiel to enter the Scene of the Crime again. Marjory will retune her Investigation Kit for the combined arcane residue of all of the collected samples. Upon retesting the suspects, all suspects will be exonerated except for one. When that suspect is scanned, their hands will glow with arcane residue. Revealed, the suspect will confess and call down their crew to cover their escape.
  • After defeating the attack, talking with Kiel will complete the story and give you Marjory’s Journal. Marjory will tell you she’s heading back to Divinity’s Reach.
  • If you return to the Dead End bar, Marjory and Kasmeer will each have a small, optional follow-up conversation with you.

New Rewards

  • Marjory’s Journal, which Kiel will give you after you’ve exonerated all but one of the suspects, will allow you to watch Marjory’s introductory cinematic with Logan Thackeray and Kasmeer Meade.

New Achievements

  • Four new achievements will be available. These will need to be completed in order: Ceremony and Acrimony, Hard Boiled, Every Piece Matters and No More Secrets. A fifth achievement, Case Closed, helps track the story, but does not count towards the The Dragon Bash Experience meta-achievement.