A Guide to Flame & Frost: Retribution

by Paul Belz on April 30, 2013

Welcome to Flame and Frost: Retribution! You may be wondering what to do and how to get started, so we’ve created a small guide to help keep you on the right track.

“Don’t spoil anything! Just point me where to go!”

You got it! Here’s a spoiler-free mini-guide to our April 30 Living Story release:

  • When you log in to Guild Wars 2, you’ll receive a mail updating you on the situation in the Shiverpeaks.
  • The Molten Facility dungeon is available right away, and has no prerequisites for entry.
  • However, in order to gain the achievement for the dungeon, you must first complete Hero’s Aid (Rox and Braham’s Flame and Frost: The Razing content).
  • The boss chests can be earned repeatedly, though the mining nodes found in the dungeon are on a 24-hour cooldown.
  • Sentinel gear is a new stat combination of gear that can be found in Molten Facilities. To craft your own, salvage any sentinel gear you find for their inscriptions and insignias, and mine any ore nodes in the dungeon for rare azurite crystals and orbs.
  • Use the World Event UI to determine which map has a revealed Molten Facility; the Vigil will only be raiding one at a time. These facilities will be marked on the map with a yellow swirl, which is what we use to denote Living Story instances.
  • If you left-click the Flame and Frost: Retribution World Event UI, your Living Story achievement panel will open and you’ll be able to browse through all of the Living Story achievements.
  • Hover your mouse over any achievement to learn more about where to go and how to complete it.
  • You may notice an achievement at the top of the Living Story tab titled “Alliance Breaker.” When this achievement is completed, you will receive a reward! Hover your mouse over the treasure chest to view the reward.
  • Be aware that some Living Story achievements have prerequisites and cannot be completed before you accomplish other achievements first.
  • When you venture into Wayfarer Foothills, Diessa Plateau, or any of the major cities, keep an eye out for characters or areas with yellow Living Story icons on your map. Speak to these characters to learn more about how to fight back against the Molten Alliance.
  • Check in with the heralds near the asura gates and next to the entrances of each major city. These non-player characters may have new information for you as well.

Here’s a rough schedule:

  • The Molten Facility dungeon will be available until Sunday, May 12 at 12:00pm Pacific, when the entire Flame and Frost saga will progress to an epilogue. At this point, players will no longer be able to earn achievements associated with the previous chapters of Flame and Frost, nor will they be able to earn the achievement Rage against the War Machine.
  • The Flame and Frost epilogue will be active from Sunday, May 12 at 12:00pm Pacific until Thursday May 16 at 12:00am Pacific the release of the Secret of Southsun on Tuesday May 14. The epilogue will mostly consist of conversations and story elements; there are no exclusive rewards to be given at this time.

For those who need a bit more guidance, keep reading:


  • In this update, you cross paths with Rox and Braham once again as you work together with four other players to destroy Molten Weapons Facilities deep under the Shiverpeaks.
  • If you are interested in earning the achievement during your dungeon run, make sure you have completed the Hero’s Aid achievement, found in the Living Story tab of the achievements panel.
  • For more information on the Hero’s Aid achievement, check out this post from last month’s Living Story content: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/livingworld/flameandfrost/Guide-Flame-and-Frost-The-Razing
  • When you log in to Guild Wars 2, the World Event UI will explain that the Vigil is raiding a Molten Facility in either Wayfarer Foothills or Diessa Plateau.
  • Simply head to whichever area is mentioned, open the map and search for a yellow swirl icon. When you mouse over the icon, it should say “Molten Weapons Facility.” Gather a group of four friends and head inside!

Post-Dungeon Content

Once you have earned the Rage Against the War Machine achievement, you will receive a letter from Braham that explains where he and Rox are heading now. Both of these characters have one final scene for you to watch, after which, you will earn the Avenger of the Dispossessed achievement and title.

Rox’s Final Scene

  • Once you have completed the Molten Facility dungeon, travel to the Black Citadel, take the Hero’s Waypoint, and head towards the central structure. Turn right into the entryway by Coloa Stonecrack and you will enter the Citadel Stockades.
  • Once you have entered, head towards Rox and Rytlock and view the scene.

Braham’s Final Scene

  • Once you have completed the Molten Facility dungeon, travel to Hoelbrak and take the Great Lodge Waypoint.
  • Enter Knut Whitebear’s loft and approach Braham and Knut to view the scene.

A Rallying Flame Achievement

  • This achievement can only be earned during the epilogue, which starts on Sunday, May 12 at 12:00pm Pacific and remains active until Thursday, May 16 at 12:00am Pacific. You can earn this achievement by interacting with a bonfire in either Lion’s Arch, Hoelbrak, or the Black Citadel.