April 20—Guild Wars 2 Weekend Bonus

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on April 16, 2018


You can’t get blood from a stone—and if any necromancers have found a way to do that, we don’t want to know. But starting on April 20, you can get neat bonuses by applying resource-gathering implements to rocks, trees, plant life, and your mortal enemies!

Weekend Bonus: Experience and Gathering Yield

Date and Time: From 9:00 AM Pacific Time on April 20 to 9:00 AM Pacific Time on April 23 (UTC-7).


  • Gain a 33% chance of increased gathering yield when mining, logging, and harvesting.
  • Earn double experience in open world PvE and World vs. World (does not apply to instances, dungeons, or activities).

Log in to Guild Wars 2 this upcoming weekend to reap the benefits!