Celebrating Nine Years of Guild Wars 2

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on August 24, 2021

Happy anniversary, Guild Wars 2 community! Tyrian heroes began their first Guild Wars 2 adventures during the pre-launch early-access period on August 25, 2012, and that means the oldest characters will begin receiving their Ninth Birthday Gift very soon.

A Committed Anniversary Achievement Box will be delivered to the first character to reach the nine-year milestone on your account. It contains the following:

Account Rewards

  • Feast of Delectable Birthday Cake—Share cake that provides a 30 minute boost to all attributes, karma gains, experience from kills, and magic find.
  • Choice of Delectable Birthday Dyes—Choose Taffy, Orange Cream, Cherry Vanilla, Limesicle, Lemon Sherbet, or Bubblegum.
  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock
  • 2 Anniversary Weapon Packs

Character Rewards

  • 2 Birthday Boosters
  • 5 Teleport to Friend Tokens
  • Bag of Spirit Shards
  • Birthday Card
  • 2 Black Lion Statuettes

While the account rewards are only delivered once per account, each of your characters will receive the character rewards on their ninth birthday through the in-game mail system. Check out the full list of gifts on our official wiki to see what your characters will receive on their next birthday.

Nine Years of Guild Wars 2 in Numbers

Guild Wars 2 has a legendary history and a bright future thanks to our global community of players, who have created over 16,000,000 accounts! To celebrate, we’ve put together an infographic with some of our favorite facts about your adventures so far.