Chill Out with the Shiverpeaks Mount Pack and Roaring Dragon Chest

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on January 08, 2019

Kralkatorrik Dye Kit


Open this dye kit to obtain one of twenty-five electrifying colors, including six shocking, new, exclusive shades: shattered, fear, Branded, crystal, Brandstorm, and arcane.

Shiverpeaks Mount Pack

If the thought of taking your desert traveling buddies up north makes you shiver, never fear! Ward off the chill by dressing your raptor, springer, skimmer, jackal, and griffon in sturdy, embellished armor that’s lined with plenty of fluffy fur.

Roaring Dragon Chest


Inside each chest, you’re guaranteed to find a Black Lion Material Bag: Thunderhead, a redeemable Black Lion Statuette, and two common items. You’ll also get a chance to discover something rarer in the fifth slot, including exclusive items and glyphs, and skins from the Spectral Weapon Collection and Pact Fleet Weapon Collection.

Exclusive Item—Roaring Dragon Glider
No matter how far you fall, this glider’s crystal wings will carry you safely to the ground.

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