Complete Your Wintersday Mini Collection!

by Evon Gnashblade on December 20, 2012

This year, Toymaker Tixx has created five Wintersday toys for each of the great races of Tyria. You can create your own minis of these toys by participating in Tixx’s holiday events, or (thanks to an exclusive deal I cut with Tixx) by purchasing your minis directly from the Gem Store!

Collect your Wintersday minis in the Black Lion Trading Company’s Gem Store now! They’re only available from December 20 to January 3, so take yours home today!

  • Toy Golem Mini

    It may lack the ability to empathize with you, but this Toy Golem Mini makes for a constant traveling companion. Guaranteed not to malfunction and explode!
    Toy Golem Mini
  • Toy Ventari Mini

    The wisdom and benevolence of the centaur Ventari is revered by the sylvari. While this tiny Toy Ventari Mini may not be very wise, it is awfully cute!
    Toy Ventari Mini
  • Plush Griffon Mini

    The hearty, huggable Plush Griffon Mini is built norn-tough! A low-maintenance pet that will follow you everywhere!
    Plush Griffon Mini
  • Toy Soldier Mini

    A toy soldier fit for the Iron Legion. This charr Toy Soldier Mini knows no fear, no hunger, and no pain – just like the real thing!
    Toy Soldier Mini
  • Princess Doll Mini

    This mini is as proud and elegant as the humans of Divinity’s Reach! A perfect companion for players who want to embrace their inner princess.
    Princess Doll Mini

Pick Up Your Minis in the Gem Store Today!

These special Wintersday minis will only be available until January 3, 2013, so don’t delay! Just press “O” to access the Gem Store. Happy Wintersday from all of us here at the Black Lion Trading Company.