Countdown to Launch: Elite Specializations and the Revenant

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on October 20, 2015



Greetings, Tyria!

Some of the most exciting features coming with Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ are related to character professions. The expansion introduces a brand new profession, the revenant, along with a totally new system for existing professions, the elite specializations.

The Revenant

The revenant is the ninth profession to be added to Guild Wars 2. Revenants are heavily armored masters of the Mists, with abilities that allow them to harness and manipulate energy in order to perform attacks and support allies.

Revenants will have a connection with heroes from the past like Jalis Ironhammer, Mallyx the Unyielding, Shiro Tagachi, and the centaur Ventari. The revenant’s elite specialization, the herald, grants them access to the powers of the legendary dragon Glint.


Elite Specializations

Elite specializations are a new system for level 80 characters that introduces new weapons, mechanics, skills, and traits to existing professions. Here’s a rundown of all of the core professions and their elite specializations!