Countdown to Launch: Raids

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on October 21, 2015



Coming shortly after Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ launches, raids will bring a new type of group challenge to Tyria. Put your team coordination to the test using the knowledge and experiences you will have accumulated through your journey in the Heart of Maguuma, and work toward obtaining exclusive rewards.

Raids are 10-player instances that will introduce very challenging content. Your raiding team will need to bring a high level of skill, strategy, and coordination in order to succeed and clear the raid.

In the first raid wing, players will be gradually introduced to different mechanics needed to defeat the bosses. Coordination and communication will also play an important part in the success of your expedition.

Raids will reward you with many new items, from miniatures to the components you’ll need to build legendary armor! Some bosses will also drop a trophy to use as a decoration in your guild hall.

Crystal Reid has a message for would-be raiding champions: “We started a bucket collection for your tears.”

Find more details about raids and the new enhanced squad UI in our Guild Chat segment that took place at TwitchCon!