Dragon Bash 2022 is Live

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on June 07, 2022

After the long battle to save Tyria from the Elder Dragons, it’s time to celebrate your victories! Join the party from now until June 28 to beat up holograms, break open piñatas, bet on your favorite racing moas, and earn new and returning rewards.

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Join the Dragon Bash Celebration

How to Participate
You’ll find most Dragon Bash festivities in the norn capital city, Hoelbrak. Check your in-game mail for an invitation from Knut Whitebear, which you can use to teleport to Hoelbrak. Activities and vendors are located all over the city—just look for the red dragon icons on your map!

Main Events
Dragon Bash activities and achievements award Dragon Coffers. These contain a variety of festive goods, including zhaitaffy. Trade zhaitaffy to Dragon Bash merchants for prizes and treats, or exchange 1,000 pieces for a jorbreaker. Jorbreakers are used to purchase valuable rewards like holographic weapon and armor skins, miniatures, and more.

Mount Race
Head to the Trade Commons to take your favorite mount on a spin through the city.

Moa Racing
Moas aren’t made for riding, but they do love a good race. Place a bet with Tigg at the Hall of Legends shortly before a race begins, and cheer on your favorite moa! Speak to Kappa to get a bird’s eye view of the action.

Dragon Arena
Visit Lake Mourn and talk to Halstein to challenge the Dragon Arena. You’ll be matched with other players to survive waves of holographic dragon minions and increasingly difficult boss enemies. If you and your friends are looking for a bigger fight, form a party and tackle the Dragon Arena Survival challenge.

Hologram Stampede
This combat activity takes place in the maps surrounding Hoelbrak. Click on the Dragon Bash notification on the right side of your screen to see the timer counting down to the next event. Click the map name to learn which waypoint you should travel to.

When the event starts, hologram projectors will appear throughout the map. These summon holographic dragon minions when activated. Team up with other players to clear as many as possible and proceed to the next round. The more minions you take down, the better the rewards!

Open your Hero panel and check the Daily and Festival categories under the Achievements tab. Dragon Bash achievements, daily achievements, and feats award Dragon Coffers, zhaitaffy, and special rewards that can’t be obtained anywhere else.

Enjoy the party—and don’t forget to stop by the Great Lodge to sing a rousing round of “Bash the Dragon“!