Fashion Is the Noblest Endeavor with the Noble Courtier Appearance Package

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on August 13, 2019

    Noble Courtier Appearance Package

    Noble Courtier Package

    You don’t need an excuse to get dressed up when you have an outfit this elegant in your wardrobe. Put on the Noble Courtier Outfit for a night out raiding with your guildmates or a solo tour of Tyria’s towns. With the Lightbinder Blades Glider and Lightbinder Blades Wings back item, there’s no need to worry that bandits will mistake you for an easy mark. The Lightbinder Blade Sword Skin is a pointedly perfect way to polish off your look—and you can use the included Total Makeover Kit to push it even further.

    You can also purchase the Noble Courtier Outfit, Lightbinder Blades Backpack and Glider Combo, and Lightbinder Blade Sword Skin separately.

    Charr Dye Kit

    Charr Dyes

    Add late summer color to your collection with the Charr Dye Kit. You’ll receive a random dye from a pool of twenty-five Ascalon-inspired dyes, including six new and exclusive colors: searing, legionnaire, tribune, warband, godless, and gladium.

    Anniversary Sales Continue

    You’ll find items on sale all throughout the month of August!

    August 13

    • Summit Wildhorn Springer Skin—20% Off

    August 14

    • Tremor Armadillo Roller Beetle Skin—20% Off

    August 16

    • Distant Lands Mount Adoption License—20% Off
    • Distant Lands Mount Select License—40% Off
    • Home Instance Node Pack—35% Off
    • Unbreakable Gathering Tools—50% Off (limit one per account)

    August 17

    • Path of Fire Survival Package—35% Off
    • Elonian Introductory Package—35% Off
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