Gem Store Update: Floating Lantern Skiff and Magmatic Torch Skins

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on January 17, 2023

    Floating Lantern Skiff Skin

    The Floating Lantern Skiff in New Kaineng City. It is a classic wooden skiff decorated with strings of glowing Canthan lanterns.

    Celebrate in style with a skiff perfect for the Lunar New Year!

    This item will permanently unlock a new appearance for your skiff in your account wardrobe.

    Magmatic Torch Skin

    A norn character wielding the Magmatic Torch. It is made of rugged dark stone shaped like claws surrounding a molten lava core.

    Feel your veins overflow with magmatic power. And watch your toes, maybe.

    This item will permanently unlock a new torch appearance in your account wardrobe.


    For the next two weeks, we’re offering a 20% discount on the following items:

    Storage Expanders
    Pick up a Storage Expander to increase the size of your material storage by 250 items per slot.

    Recharging Teleport to Friend
    Instantly teleport to anyone in your party or squad with this infinite-use device. Just mind the 1-hour cooldown.

    Black Lion Contract Boards
    Add these contract boards to your home instance for daily deliveries of various crafting materials. These are permanent, account-wide unlocks.

    Black Lion Garden Plot Deeds
    Add up to two additional garden plots to your home instance. Each plot has four harvesting nodes that you can use to grow plants from seeds and harvest daily.

    Seasonal Swap

    Starting this Friday, the following items will return to the Gem Store at a 20% discount:

    • Defiant Glass Backpack Skin
    • Dread Quiver Backpack
    • Emblazoned Cape
    • Glittering Wings Backpack
    • Herald of Aurene Cape
    • Rox’s Quiver Set
    • Sloth Backpack
    • Tempest Cape
  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

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