Guild Wars 2 “Fear Not This Night” Song Now Available

by David Campbell on August 17, 2012

Sylvari Eventide

The first song from Guild Wars 2 is now available on iTunes. Produced and composed by  Jeremy Soule and performed by Asja, Fear Not This Night is a hauntingly beautiful song from the Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack.

An anthem of the enigmatic sylvari, Fear Not This Night is a song of hope sung by the mystical Pale Tree. Asja’s soft yet soaring voice perfectly embodies the noble spirit of the sylvari, and the song is symbolic of your hero’s journey to defend Tyria from the threat of the Elder Dragons.

Fear Not This Night appears on Jeremy Soule’s epic four-disc Original Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack as well as on the Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack in the Collector’s Edition. This song is available at a special promotional price of $.99 through Monday, August 20, after which it will be $1.29.

We’ll talk more about the Guild Wars 2 soundtrack and Fear Not This Night in an upcoming interview with Jeremy Soule, but for now, head over to iTunes and check it out!