Living World Season 1 Return: “Battle for Lion’s Arch” Is Now Live!

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on November 08, 2022

The fifth and final episode of Living World Season 1 is now playable for free in your story journal. This chapter brings Season 1 to a close and finally bridges the longstanding gap between the core game and Living World Season 2. The complete saga of Guild Wars 2—from the original release to End of Dragons™—is now fully playable from start to finish.

This content returns for the first time since its initial release in 2014, along with new and returning rewards and achievements. This episode and all other Season 1 episodes are free, permanent additions to the base game and are available to all players.

To begin this content, navigate to the story journal in your Hero panel, select “Living World Season 1,” then select “5. The Battle for Lion’s Arch.” Click “Play This Episode,” and you will receive a letter from Logan Thackeray requesting your presence at Lornar’s Pass.

The archvillain Scarlet Briar now descends upon Lion’s Arch with all her deadly forces. Rally together and defend the besieged city in the new publicly joinable instanced battle, the Battle for Lion’s Arch. Join the fight now by speaking to Lionguard Peltgnaw in the Gendarran Fields, just outside the gates of Lion’s Arch.


Lion Captain and Lion Champion Gear

Complete new achievements to earn new cosmetic rewards: the Lion Captain’s Cape, the Lion Captain’s Mantle, and the Lion’s Champion weapon set.

Lion’s Memory

Completing the Lion’s Memory achievement—a meta-achievement that includes content from all of Living World Season 1—will also unlock the Lion’s Pride, a permanent teleportation item that will allow you to visit a Lion’s Arch that has yet to be visited by Scarlet Briar’s destruction.

Check out the full notes for this release on the official Guild Wars 2 forums.