Make History with the Guild Wars Complete Collection

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on February 06, 2019

guild wars

Explore the original Guild Wars® without limits! The Guild Wars Complete Collection is now available, containing everything you need to experience the classic story, customize your gameplay, and fill up your Hall of Monuments to earn rewards in Guild Wars 2.

The Guild Wars Complete Collection includes the following:

  • An access key for account creation
  • Access to the full original Guild Wars, Guild Wars: Factions®, and Guild Wars: Nightfall® campaigns
  • Access to the Guild Wars: Eye of the North® expansion via downloadable client (requires a level 20 character)
  • Access to the Hall of Monuments in Guild Wars: Eye of the North, where you can earn exclusive rewards in Guild Wars 2
  • Guild Wars: Game of the Year Edition bonus items: seven exclusive weapons and a fire imp combat ally to assist in your adventures in Guild Wars (To claim your items, type “/bonus” in the chat window while logged in to the game.)
  • Bonus: M.O.X. the golem Hero—the ultimate in magical mechanized party protection (requires a level-10 character)

Whether you’re a veteran player or visiting for the first time, it’s a great day to log in and play Guild Wars! We’ve made a few quality-of-life updates in today’s release, and you can now purchase a Xunlai Material Storage Expansion from the Guild Wars store. Check out the patch notes here.