March Sales Are Back!

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on February 26, 2024

A cutoff image of a charr, Evon Gnashblade, and an announcement about the start of our March sales.

Spring is almost here, and it’s time to celebrate with some outstanding March sales. Each week, we’ll be featuring a valuable bundle filled with essential goodies along with some community-favorite items that will return to the Gem Store at a discounted price. And we’ll sprinkle in some brand-new cosmetic items and Black Lion Chest updates as the month goes on as well!

March Sales Schedule

Black Lion Chest Keys will be discounted 20% during two separate intervals in March. Stock up on March 1–5 and March 22–26 to take advantage of these savings!

Week 1—February 27 until March 5

  • All Outfits—20% Off
  • All Unique Weapon Skins—20% Off
  • Featured Bundle: Sensational Storage Package

Week 2—March 5 until March 12

  • All Backpiece Skins—20% Off
  • All Gliders—20% Off
  • Featured Bundle: Sensational Storage Package

Week 3—March 12 until March 19

  • All Mount Skins—20% Off
  • All Dye Kits—20% Off
  • Many Novelty Items—20% Off
  • Featured Bundle: Build and Equipment Template Bundle

Week 4—March 19 until March 26

  • All Unique Armor Skins—20% Off
  • All Chairs—20% Off
  • Featured Bundle: Travel with Friends Package

Week 5—March 26 until April 2

  • Many Account Upgrades—20% Off (Such as Bank Tab Expansions, Bag Slot Expansions, and Character Slot Expansions)
  • Featured Bundle: Travel with Friends Package

Stay tuned to our Tuesday Gem Store blogs in March for the full details on the featured bundles and our new cosmetic items!

Lastly, we’re changing the cooldown on the Recharging Teleport to Friend from one hour down to ten minutes! This item will be included in our Travel with Friends Package starting on March 19 and will be discounted along with the other account upgrades starting on March 26.

Happy adventuring!