Match Your Mount with Jackal Rune Greaves and Gauntlets

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on January 23, 2018

Jackal Rune Greaves and Jackal Rune Gauntlets


Impress the runeforgers with these stylish skins for your gloves and boots! They won’t even leave sand on your furniture, unlike some jackals we know.

Zhaitan Dye Kit


Despite their terrifying origins, these dyes will bring your most detailed ensembles to life. Each kit contains a random dye from a pool of 25 colors, including six new, exclusive colors.

Returning Items and Sales

The Black Lion Hunters Contract is back in the Gem Store, and the Phoenix Weapon Collection is available from Black Lion Weapons Specialists. The Home Portal Stone is on sale at 40% off.

Unique weapon skins inspired by famous heroes and villains are returning for a limited time. Be sure to catch your favorites!


  • January 24—Lord Caudecus’s Sword Skin and Lord Caudecus’s Pistol Skin
  • January 25—Braham’s Mace Skin and Braham’s Shield Skin
  • January 26—Belinda’s Greatsword Skin
  • January 27—God-Slayer Bow Pack
  • January 28—Kasmeer’s Staff Skin
  • January 29—Marjory’s Dagger Skin and Marjory’s Axe Skin

There’s just one week left to make a pact with the Bone Pick, Tireless Logging Minion, and Tireless Harvesting Minion before we seal them in their crypt for the season.