New Items in the Gem Store for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

by Evon Gnashblade on September 22, 2017

Hey, you. Whatever thankless task Kiel’s foisted on you, it can wait until after you stock up. And don’t get cocky out there in the desert—nobody can admire your fashion sense while you’re sinking in quicksand.

  • Black Lion Chest Update

    Take a look inside a Black Lion Chest and see what’s new…or I could just tell you, I guess. You’ve got a chance to find a Hydra Staff, a Jackal Pup Backpack, and Golden Black Lion Chest Keys. Open a chest with one of those special keys, and you’re guaranteed to get an uncommon or better item. Every chest contains a Mini Green Raptor Hatchling—combine them with Unidentified Dyes in the Mystic Forge to collect raptors of a different color.

  • War God's Weapon Collection

    An elementalist gave me an idea. Why not hit Balthazar with his own fires? That’s speaking my language, so I’ve commissioned some weapons based on what I’ve chosen to believe are eyewitness descriptions of the war god. Trade in Black Lion Claim Tickets at your local Black Lion Weapons Specialist and collect the whole set.

  • Forged Outfit

    Perfect for you hotheads out there. I can’t promise that you’ll blend in seamlessly with Balthazar’s troops when you’re on reconnaissance, but don’t be surprised if someone throws a bucket of water at you.

  • New Hair and Accessory Colors

    Whether you’re trying to blend in or stand out, these six new desert themed shades have you covered. Update your look with a Total Makeover Kit or Self-Style Hair Kit.

  • Elonian Introductory Package and Shared Inventory Slot Increase

    Get a head start on your desert excursion with this package, which includes a 20 slot Black Lion Satchel, 5 Black Lion Chest Keys, a Black Lion Sample Pack, 5 Heroic Boosters, and a Desert Explorer Kit. I’m also increasing the number of Shared Inventory Slots you can unlock by three.

  • Returning Items

    I’m bringing back the Dynamics Exo-Suit Appearance Pack, Golden Feather Wings Glider Combo, Magic Carpet Glider Combo, and Outlaw Appearance Pack. The Scientific weapon set is also back for a limited time, so you budding holosmiths should jump on that. I’ve even updated the Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock, because it makes good tactical sense to have options.

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press 'O' to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!