Notes from Rata Novus, Part Two

by Taimi on July 15, 2016

Journal2 Rata Novus Crowded


They trampled Plant! Those monsters!

I knew my days of solitude were numbered here, but I didn’t think they were this numbered. Word of Rata Novus’s discovery must have hit Rata Sum. Asura are pouring in like migrating dolyaks, although most dolyaks I know have better manners! How many times can a girl get bumped by someone setting up a research station before she snaps?

The answer is six, and then you scream, “STOP BUMPING INTO ME WHILE YOU’RE SETTING UP YOUR RESEARCH STATION, WINDALL!” at which point everyone looks at you like you’re crazy for some reason!

Thankfully, when the interlopers arrived, I had a chance to shut the door to the dragon research area before they got too deep into the lab, so no one knows about the really juicy stuff. I need to keep that as my surreptitious sanctuary. The question is how to get in and out of there unnoticed… Oh! Maybe…yes! No, that’ll never— Well…yes! Okay, secret plan number 72—let’s call it: Granted Access Teleport Expressway! (Wink, wink.)

I’d been very careful about what I powered up to keep the chak numbers down, but these mindless numskulls are flipping switches left and right! History is bound to repeat itself at this rate! At least we know the causality of the chak and their appetite for ley energy. I think the Rata Novans figured that out a little too late. The chak are already popping up more often, so not only do I have to deal with Windall and his abnormally intrusive elbows, but now there are bug pieces everywhere! Have you ever stepped ankle deep into a pile of spiracles? It’ll ruin your day. Granted, with me, it doesn’t take much to be ankle deep, but still! On the plus side, I’m getting quite familiar with chak anatomy. Which will come in handy on our next chak-anatomy trivia night! (Note: Organize a chak-anatomy trivia night.)

The only other benefit to come out of this influx of dolyaks is that news from the outside world is flowing in more regularly. I heard Braham is back in Hoelbrak. Breaks my heart to think what he’s going through. I should make my way up there to pay my respects soon. I’ve been working on a remote communicator based off some research here that uses the ley-line network to transmit your voice—maybe I can hide it in the lab and talk into my end every once in a while so people think they hear me buzzing around. I’ve worked too hard to lose my alpha status here. On the other hand, I could also use it to make them think this place is haunted. That’s a good option too! We’ll see!

Speaking of ghosts that need to be laid to rest, a lot of these new incomers still harbor a healthy amount of distrust where the sylvari are concerned. I mean, Mordremoth was dispatched—what more do they want? How can you be told what to do when there’s no one to tell you what to do? At least, I think that’s the way it works? When Caithe was here, she said the call was gone, and she had even heard of new sylvari being born after Mordremoth’s death! Which means the Dream is alive and—

Oh, for the love of the Eternal Alchemy! Windall just bumped me again! I gotta take a dolyak to manners school—be back soon!