Prepare for Battle with the Armistice Bastion Pass and War-Torn Chest

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on March 05, 2019

    Armistice Bastion Pass

    Grab your pass and enter the Armistice Bastion, a neutral ground in the never-ending Mist War. Stay informed on the shifting tides of battle with access to team chat and a detailed view of the WvW map. Traveling around this lounge is made easy with Mist-Step travel skills—simply use them to teleport to merchants or to quickly return to Tyria. But with amenities this great, we think you’ll stick around for a while.

    War-Torn Chest


    To the victor goes the spoils! Crack open a War-Torn Chest and enjoy a guaranteed Battle-Hardened Kit to aid you in dominating your opponents. Stir things up with skins from the Cavalier and Dreamthistle weapon collections.

    Exclusive Item—Etherbound Package
    Never worry about being outshone on the battlefield again! Rise above the mundane with the opulence of the Etherbound Glider and Etherbound Backpiece.

    Defiant Glass Weapon Collection

    Tyria’s top crafters came together to forge these weapons from the ruins of temples to the Six Gods.

    What’s in Stock

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