Raven’s Spirit Glider Has Landed in the Gem Store!

by Evon Gnashblade on March 07, 2017

Here at the Black Lion Trading Company, I pride myself on testing each of our new gliders—personally. For example, I personally volunteered one of my most vocal and forward-thinking employees to test this week’s arrival, so rest assured that it’s far more stable than it looks. As for my brave quality tester, he’s moved past his fear of heights and his fear of unemployment. Sometimes people just need a little push.

  • Raven's Spirit Glider

    If you don’t have wings of your own, let a giant spirit raven carry you across the sky. Is the default plumage not doing it for you? Good news: you can dye it in two different colors. It turns out you can’t do that with actual ravens.*

  • Back in Stock!

    Now that the dust has settled in the jungle, I’m confident that I can bring back the Harbinger of Mordremoth Outfit without an angry mob rushing my door. Maybe. You can also pick up the Storm Bow skin for your favorite longbow. Flashy! Both are available for a limited time.

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press 'O' to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

*The Black Lion Trading Company is not responsible for death or injury resulting from the mishandling of ravens. The Lion’s Arch–based Shiverpeaks Spiritual Center can provide you and your family with literature and training on the proper care and handling of ravens—both corporeal and ephemeral—upon request.