Roundup: World vs. World Community Videos

by Stéphane Lo Presti on September 10, 2014

A few weeks ago, we launched a call to arms to the WvW community, asking them for the best video footage they created. We received an overwhelming response from the WvW players of Guild Wars 2. The amount of passion put into these creations was overwhelming and a tribute to the enthusiasm of the WvW community. Today we want to share with you a view of WvW through the eyes of these players and call you to join them on September 12 in the Mists for the WvW Fall Tournament 2014. Get in the fighting spirit and prepare to join the fray with this playlist of the best WvW videos. This is World vs World!

Note: the videos below are fan videos and come from a variety of language communities playing WvW.

Discover vast battlefields

Fight for your World during an exciting four-week tournament

Be part of a group fighting as one for their world

Plan adrenaline-fueled attacks against keeps and defend against them

Use massive weapons to wreak havoc and destroy buildings

Live Epic, memorable battles

But you don’t have to take yourself seriously!

To learn more about WvW, check the wiki article. The WvW Fall Tournament 2014 starts on September 12!