Shatter Expectations with the Defiant Glass Appearance Package

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on March 26, 2019

    Defiant Glass Appearance Package


    Pick up the Defiant Glass Outfit and Defiant Glass Backpack Skin in one package for a cutting-edge new look! It also contains a Black Lion Weapons Voucher, five Sacred Dye Kits, and a Total Makeover Kit.


    The Defiant Glass Outfit, Defiant Glass Backpack Skin, and Sacred Dye Kit are also sold separately. Open the dye kits to receive one random dye from a pool of twenty-five divine colors, including six new, exclusive colors.

    What’s in Stock

    Several super-amazing items are returning to the Gem Store this week! Make sure to grab them while they’re still available.

    Returning This Week

    • Super Adventure Logging Bear
    • Super Cloud Glider
    • Super Adventure Pack
    • Mini Super Trio
    • Mini Super Trio—World 2

    Free Episode Unlock: “Daybreak”

    If you missed picking up the first episode of Living World Season 4 while it was live, visit the Gem Store in game to unlock “Daybreak” for free! All players can also grab a free Tradesman’s Package this week in the Gem Store (limit one per account). These items will be available from March 26 until April 1.

    March Sales—Final Week

    Remember to check our official Twitter account and the in-game Gem Store every day to take advantage of daily deals!

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