Social Play Improvements

by Mike Zadorojny on March 26, 2014

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As part of this upcoming feature pack, we’ve been working on community-focused improvements to a few of our core systems. I wanted to take the time to point out just a few of these highly requested features before they come out on April 15.


First, guild leaders who have wanted a little extra help with managing membership will be pleased to learn that you’ll now be able to see the last login date for guild members.

We’ve added some additional support the Looking For Group (LFG) system. You’ll now be able to filter your searches through the WvW category if you’re looking for some fellow Mist warriors. To support this, we’ve added a separate channel for each of the three Borderlands, the Eternal Battlegrounds and the new Edge of the Mist map.

Separately, to assist with multi-language servers you will now be able to specify which main language the group will be using. This should help groups organize better and find players who can understand each other.

Finally, we’ve improved the support for guild members in the system and made some improvements on the back end to reduce opportunities for griefing.

These changes are just some of the ways we’re making it easier and more exciting than ever to share the world of Tyria with other players – check back tomorrow and next week to learn about more upcoming features!

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