Super Adventure Festival 2023 Begins Today

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on March 28, 2023

Our beloved Super Adventure Festival has begun in Rata Sum! Everyone is welcome to join this fun adventure in a virtual world designed by Moto. This yearly festival is now live and will be available until April 18. You can check out all the details in the full release notes on our official forums.

Super Adventure Festival is accessible to players of any level. Even if you’re brand new to the game, you can easily take part in all the activities! Read on for a quick rundown of the activities you can participate in during this festival and the rewards you can earn!

Where to Go

The Super Adventure Festival is located in Rata Sum. Check your in-game mail for an Invitation to the Super Adventure Festival and double-click the item to teleport instantly to the Super Adventure Box Hub. You can also travel to the Magustan Court Waypoint, which is conveniently located right next to the Super Adventure Box in Creator’s Commons.

Super Adventure Festival

What to Do

When you enter the Super Adventure Box, you will have a different skill set. The new skill bar will help you navigate this different game mode. While you’re inside the box, you won’t take damage from falling, and you can’t use gliders or mounts. But you’ll find that you’re much bouncier than you usually are!

There are two worlds you can trek through, and two alternate gameplay modes—Exploration Mode and Tribulation Mode—in addition to Normal Mode. If you like a laid-back adventure, you can pick Exploration Mode, which will give you some assistance traversing jumping puzzles. Normal Mode is perfect for people needing a little edge with their fun—unless you love a punishing challenge. For that, choose Tribulation Mode…at your peril.

The journey begins in World 1. You are sent on a heroic path to save Princess Miya. Your starting weapon is a stick, but you’ll be able to buy other combat options and tools from friendly shopkeepers found in the worlds you’re exploring. Make sure to keep an eye out for little wooden doors!

When you obtain new weapons from merchants inside the Super Adventure Box, they’ll give you new ways to destroy enemies and objects. You can even use bombs to find hidden rooms packed with baubles.

Bounce your way into a sunny glade, and don’t forget to fell every enemy on your way! You’ll need all the baubles you can get your hands on. Every time you get hit by an enemy you will lose a portion of your hearts, so be sure to dodge. When your hearts are empty, you’ll lose one of your lives. As long as you have lives left, you’ll revive at the last checkpoint you reached.

If by chance you have no lives left, worry not; just purchase a Continue Coin from Moto. Just don’t mind the lava.

Super Adventure Festival Rewards 1


Trade 250 baubles to the Super Adventure Box Trader located next to Moto to obtain the festival currency, Bauble Bubbles! Weapons, armor, utility items, minatures, and many more things are available in exchange for Bauble Bubbles; talk to the trader NPCs just outside the Super Adventure Box or in the Hub.

There are plenty of new rewards to earn this year. Add a mace, rifle, and dagger to your collection of Retro-Forged weapons and a Mini Adventure Boxer and Mini Blue Bauble to your menagerie of miniatures. Craft new guild hall items to create your own Super Adventure world!

Complete the (Annual) Super Adventure Box Nostalgia achievement to earn classy Generation One weapon skins and Powered Gloves. You can find them in the Achievement tab of the Hero panel under Festivals.

Super Adventure Festival Rewards 2

Test Zone

This year, Moto is inviting heroes to the Test Zone,* a new area he’s working on! The choya miners are still carving it out, so it’s not completely finished—but Moto will welcome your help testing the area that is available! To visit the Test Zone, pick up the note on the door of the World 3 House in the Hub and follow the instructions. Have fun!

*The Test Zone is presented as is and should not be viewed as World 3 confirmed, either express or implied. Moto, Lord Vanquish, and other residents of the Super Adventure Box will not be held liable for injuries sustained in the Super Adventure Box. Baubles not intended for human (or charr, asura, norn, or sylvari) consumption.

Super Adventure Festival Test Zone