Super Adventure Festival is Here!

by Evon Gnashblade on March 30, 2017

Moto still won’t license his technology to me—ahem—but he’s opened up his Super Adventure Box again for all of you bouncy types. He’s even made what he calls a “page” for it, so go have a look at his colorful bells and whistles.

Oh, and if you happen to find anything interesting while you’re hopping through, report back.

  • Happy Cloud Glider

    Never let it be said that I can’t get into the spirit of a festival. Stand tall on our newest glider, and let everybody know that sometimes life really is all fluffy clouds and rainbows.

  • Super Adventure Fun!

    If you’ve got our Miniature Super Trio—the Mini Super Bee Dog, Mini Super Monkey, and Mini Super Spider—toss them in the Mystic Forge with a Continue Coin to get your very own Mini Storm Wizard. And don’t forget to grab a Super Adventure Pack, complete with an Infinite Continue Coin, Super Bee Dog Mail Carrier, and Super Adventure Box o’ Fun.

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press 'O' to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!