Temple of the Silent Storm Week

by Jonathan Sharp on January 29, 2013

We’ve been working on PvP features consistently since our last update, and as always, we’ve been watching the forums for feedback and inspiration.

So I’m really excited to announce that, based on player feedback, we’ll be testing a new tournament system for PvP from January 28 to February 4 in the Temple of the Silent Storm map! This new system will pit one team vs. another, instead of the usual eight teams needed for a normal paid tournament. Free tournaments will still be available during this test, but we’ll be replacing paid tournaments with this test system for the duration of the week.

The Test System – How it Works

We’ll be using Temple of the Silent Storm to test its suitability as a tournament map and to try out our new system, which pits two teams against each other in a single round match! This means you won’t go through three rounds of a tournament in this test; instead, you’ll just play one round.

Enter this test tournament just like you would any other tournament:

1.  Go to the PvP lobby (hit the crossed swords in the top left-hand corner of your GW2 screen after your player’s tutorial).
2.  Speak to the Tournament Master.
3.  Enter the tournament of your choice.

When you play in this new format, both teams will enter. The winner will win, the loser will lose, and both teams are given rewards accordingly. Then both teams are moved back to the lobby where they can enter the tournament queue again.

We want you to give feedback on this two team match-up system to help us evaluate some options we’re discussing for PvP going forward. Our goal is to ensure that Guild Wars 2 PvP is approachable, provides quick matchmaking, rewards you for your time, and gives you a strong sense of progression. We want to ensure we have a system that accomplishes all of these things, and this tournament will help us take a look at different options to strengthen the PvP experience going forward.

Cost and Rewards

Cost to Enter:

  • 1 Tournament Ticket

1st Place Rewards:

  • 1 Tournament Ticket
  • 200 Glory
  • 200 Rank
  • 1 Qualifying Point
  • 1 Silver Paid Tournament Chest

2nd Place Rewards:

  • 100 Glory
  • 100 Rank
  • 1 Copper Paid Tournament Chest

So that’s it! Log on and get ready to have some fun in this new format!

Good luck, and we’ll see you at the Temple!