The Abjured Take the World Tournament Series in Beijing, China!

by Joshua Davis on December 12, 2014

The day of reckoning has passed, and one team alone stands victorious. ArenaNet, in conjunction with KongZhong, our Chinese publishing partner, is proud to announce that the Abjured, representing North America, have been crowned the very first World Tournament Series champions!


After Team Prime and Team SALA were eliminated in the semifinals, the Abjured and European team the Civilized Gentlemen faced off in some of the most heart-stopping tournament matches in Guild Wars 2 history. After three grueling games, the Abjured, led by team captain Phantaram, secured the final win on the Temple of the Silent Storm, marking North America’s first-ever win in an international event. For the Abjured, the moments that followed will not be soon forgotten-standing center stage, the North Americans hoisted the $25,000 USD check and first-place trophy high above their heads to the tune of thunderous applause, blaring music, and flashing lights.

After the tournament, the bus ride back to the hotel was one of mixed emotions-the Abjured basked in their victory, faces glowing with excitement and pride. The European and Chinese teams sat together solemnly, quietly contemplating the decisions and missteps that cost them their chance at glory. As the bus approached the Chinese teams’ hotel, the silence was finally broken as Nocturne, captain of Team SALA, turned and addressed the North American and European teams just before exiting the bus, a fiery glint in his eyes. “We’ll see you in North America!” Nocturne declared, to which the teams remaining on the bus returned cheers of encouragement, welcoming the challenge. In that moment, the night became a celebration of not only the Abjured’s victory but a celebration of all the players involved in the event-a salute to the trials and tribulations that brought these individuals together, regardless of the final outcome. As much as this tournament was about creating fierce competition and bringing players together with the singular goal of besting each other in combat, it was heartwarming to see the comradery shared between the players, each from different walks of life, all ultimately united in their passion for Guild Wars 2.


We’re committed to making Guild Wars 2 a truly unique experience for our players, both in the game and out, and we would like to thank all of our loyal fans for helping make the World Tournament Series possible. A special nod goes out to all of our new friends on the Abjured, the Civilized Gentlemen, Team Prime, and Team SALA. We are grateful to have all of you along with us for this journey as we shift our eyes forward to the World Tournament Series in North America and tournaments beyond.

You can join us in congratulating the Abjured on the official Guild Wars 2 forums.

We’ll see you in Boston.
Josh and the ArenaNet team